Myanmar Emergency Medical Services (M-E.M.S.)

The Challenge

Myanmar is a developing third world country, with poor infrastructure in both rural and developed areas. Many towns and villages still have zero access to emergency medical services, which means that when an emergency or illness occurs, it may be impossible for a patient to receive life-saving prehospital care or even get to a hospital. After the Myanmar government stopped holding prehospital care providers and ambulance response personnel responsible for poor patient outcomes in 2012, rescue groups began responding to emergencies and transporting patients to the hospital. Nevertheless, less than 10% of Myanmar has access to an ambulance with medically trained personnel.

The Solution

The solution to Myanmar’s shortage of trained prehospital care providers is to both show the need for, and make available, high quality EMS education.  In addition to operating our own fully equipped ALS ambulances that respond to emergencies, Myanmar EMS is committed to raising the bar for local emergency response personnel. We do this by offering quality, affordable, internationally recognized, and accredited training courses avaiable throughout the country.

We Respond to Any Medical Emergency, 24/7.


Myanmar People With No Access to EMS


Rural & Remote Areas With No Access to EMS


Urban Areas Without Access to Trained EMS

Over 48 Million People Without Access to EMS