EMR Training for Z-Rescue, Myawaddy

We were privileged to conduct an Emergency Medical Responder training for Z-Rescue Foundation in Myawaddy, Karen State Myanmar, from February 15-24, 2017. In attendance were attendees from 5 different rescue and funeral organizations. We trained this eager group of rescuers to the international American Emergency Medical Responder level, and all but one of the attendees passed the tests with flying colors. We are very appreciative of their dedication, and look forward to working with each one of them again in the near future. We would also like to thank the continued generousity of the donors who sponsored this training for Z-Rescue, especially Santémed, Bangkok Myanmar Free Ambulance, Bangkok Free Ambulance, Nay Yar Man, Radical Rescue, and Crossfire Relief International. Without your help it would be impossible for the EMS volunteers of Myanmar to get the international level training and experience that they need.